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Maria's Story: Challenges Patients and Caregivers May Face When Transitioning From Hospital to Home

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Digital Bridge co-investigator, Dr. Hardeep Singh, met with 10 patients and caregivers in the summer of 2021 to understand the challenges they had experienced when transitioning from hospital to home. To highlight these challenges, Hardeep and Anie Udofia (OCAD University Master of Design for Health student) created a short video about Maria, a fictional patient who is preparing for discharge from the hospital (narration by Tegan Baker).

We used Maria's Story to generate discussion with patients and caregivers at our first technology co-design working group session in August 2021. Co-design participants elaborated upon the challenges Maria faces to help us understand how the Digital Bridge can address some of these challenges and support care transitions from hospital to home.

Download the transcription below:

Maria transcription pdf
Download PDF • 14KB


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